Windows Live Updates

One thing that really seems to be improving in leaps and bounds is the Windows Live software. Now, I mainly use MSN Messenger and Windows Live Writer but there is plenty of great stuff now available for FREE. If you haven’t had a look then I suggest you pay a visit to see what is available.

 At the same time take a look at where you aggregate a lot of Microsoft content, like messenger contacts, Skydrive storage and so on as well as external content like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, I’m still be in two minds about using this as a communications tool since I can’t really see the value for the time invested. I know that it is big in the US which means that it will probably become big here. Now, I’m no Twitter expert (my Twitter Id is directorcia if anyone wants to “follow me”) I’ll admit but one of the nice things about the new Windows Live Writer is that I can add a Twitter plug-in so when I post something to my blog it will also appear as a post in Twitter. This makes more sense to me since I don’t want to have to be double posting.

I’m still not sold on the value of Twitter but now maybe I’ll be a bit more active there given the new Windows Live Writer plug-in. I’d also recommend that if you haven’t already you should go and see what’s on offer at Windows Live because even if it doesn’t have a business application it certainly will for your family and friends. One of the main advantages is that it is all from a single supplier (Microsoft) and is becoming very polished.

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