Blogging for business

A few posts ago I was talking about Blogging being a living resume. I wanted to expand a little on this in the context of business. The best way is probably to give you an example of what I mean.

I have a contact who is small software developer. They are really smart and write really good software but they always complain to me that they need to do more marketing. I asked what they did now and the response was simply to maintain their main web site. I suggested that perhaps they consider blogging.

Initially the response was why bother? But I urged them, like I urge you, to hear me out on this. Now these guys write good software and solve a lot of tricky problems but who every knows? Their existing customers certainly don’t because they simply get the latest update from the software generally unaware of any improvements. The smartest way I can see to publicise this is to blog about it. Spend some time telling everyone what the problems was and how you solved in as much detail as possible.

What good will that do? Eventually, search engines will index that content and then if someone is running a search about software development they may find the blog. Reading the entries in the blog they get a better appreciation of what these guys do. They then contact the company about doing some work. People may also subscribe to the blog on a regular basis and others may even quote the blog as a reference to other topics. A blogs ability to grow in reach is a very powerful marketing tool.

I know there are plenty of if’s and but’s here however what benefit do you get by retaining all the the good work you’ve just performed inside your business? Blog it dude! Let the world know what you solved and how you went about it. In reality it only takes a few minutes to write a post and update it. As you add more and more content it starts to have real value and each item may generate a hit from search engines that could bring in business.

Now, it is no good just casually doing a blog, you need to look at in light of the marketing of your business. You therefore need to work at ensuring it is updated regularly, is professionally focused and provides value to readers. I don’t think this is particularly hard to do because all you simply need to do is get into a routine. However always examine the content in light of marketing for your business.

Blogging is cheap, easy to do, allows you to develop and enhance your written communications, demonstrates you understand the latest social networking benefits and more. In this economic climate you want to give your business every chance of obtaining revenue and to me blogging done right is an easy win for a business as well as an individual.

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