Skydrive upgrade

I went to my Skydrive today and look




I’ve now got 25GB of space I can use to store stuff. Did I do anything? No. Was the system down while more space was added? No. All this happened behind the scenes without me even knowing. Suddenly, as a customer, I’ve gotten more resources and functionality for no additional cost. Apart from all that it’s free anyway and not doubt going to continually increase in size.


I’d like to also say that this goes a long way to illustrating my point about how good cloud computing is. If I’d tried to add more space on-site I would need to have bought media, installed it, formatted it and so. However, overnight, bamm, I’ve been upgraded. The same principle can be applied to most services that are going to be available from the cloud.


Don’t think this is threat to the traditional on-site model of computing? Take a step back and look at it from a customers perspective. I’ve suddenly gotten more without any disruption to my operations. As a customer, how is this not enticing for me?

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