Get the picture?

Here’s an interesting graph from Google by way of David Schrag’s blog.

The blue line that is trending down are Google searches for “computer consulting”. The read line at the right are Google searches for “cloud computing”.

With things like Microsoft Azure coming the red line is only going to be rising up and up, while the traditional blue line is going to keep going south.

Even if you have reservations about cloud computing as a viable solution, clearly more and more people want to know about it. Doesn’t it make sense to learn about opportunities (red line – cloud computing) rather than traditional (blue line – computer consulting) contracting markets? Because that’s were customers are going to be prepared to pay money. With the economic challenges ahead it certainly makes sense to me to move towards opportunities where customers ‘want’ to spend money (red line – cloud computing) rather than ‘having’ to spend money (blue line – computer consulting).

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