I didn’t expect to be asked that

I was recently talking with someone and they started quizzing me about Microsoft Azure. Don’t know what that is? Well, it is Microsoft’s recently announced ‘Windows in the cloud’. Although it is still early days I get the impression that it far more developed that most people think. Anyway, back to my conversation. What was amazing was this person wasn’t a ‘techie’ by any stretch of the imagination, yet it was very clear that they had already started trying to work out how their world would change with the advent of Azure.


Another recent conversation around technology stopped me in my tracks again recently. Someone else asked me about Windows 7. Again, even though it is in pre-beta the word is already out on the street. People are wondering what are the benefits and what it will means for them.


I find of these conversations extremely interesting because it highlights a number of issues. Firstly, IT is now mainstream. No longer is the knowledge locked up with geeks, people use technology everyday and they want to stay informed. Secondly, the power of the Internet means that their ability to be informed (correctly or incorrectly) is much greater than it ever was. There are so many businesses who make money from disseminating information, it isn’t long before everyone’s heard the rumour for some dark obscure corner of the globe. Thirdly, it demonstrates that people want to know what the direction of technology is and how it is going to affect them? How can they benefit from what’s not only available now but also in the future.


Gone are the days when the ‘techie’ was the only who knew what was going on. Now days, everybody is far more informed and interested. If you are in the technology game then you are going to have to work hard to stay up to date because it’s all changing so rapidly now. Ignoring or denying the change is likely to be painful but not nearly as painful as not altering strategy to accommodate. When the ‘average’ person in the street starts asking about cloud computing you know it is here.

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