SMBNation – Day 3

Location: Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Weather: Damp



Well Day three of SMBNation kicked off even earlier than the previous two days (groan). After yesterdays breakfast disappointment I decided to grab something to eat at the place across from my hotel. As I sat looking at the morning drizzle I was joined by Kevin Tobey from Tobey Consulting Services, another SMBNation attendee. We had an excellent chat and that is really what I have gotten the most from at the conference, the networking.


We then strolled to the conference center and watched the keynote – Microsoft Solutions for the Small and Mid-Sized Business customer given by Cindy Bates. Not surprisingly the major thing I took away was they want partners to sell hosted solutions from Microsoft. If attendees haven’t got the message by now then ….


Next up was – Secure Remote Access with Windows Server solutions by Dana Epp. Look Dana’s stuff is always great and I was interested to see what options are available but towards the end I was trying to focus on my presentation Utilizing Sharepoint to Improve your Business.


Hopefully I was able to provide information that was of value to people who attended. I appreciate all the positive feedback people gave me afterwards so I think that I achieved my aim. As I said in my presentation I thank Harry and SMBNation for giving me the opportunity to present, especially given it was first time at the conference.




The final event of the conference was a round of speed dating. This is where an ‘expert’ sits at a table and attendees can come and speak with that person. When the gong sounds you move to the next table. This event is difficult to co-ordinate with so many people but I think it was very positive. I really enjoyed talking with the people who took the time to speak with me and I hope I wasn’t too blunt in my opinions.


All done, all finished I headed back to my hotel for a quick refresh and then back out to a party organized by a vendor. Nothing flash just some drinks and food at a local bar. It was good to unwind and chat with some more attendees.


To everyone who took the time to give me their business card or ask me Sharepoint, my business or make fun of my accent I say a big thanks. Like I said earlier it is really the networking and contacts that I will take away as the big plus from this experience. Safe travelling to all attendees returning home and once again thanks Harry and SMBNation for putting on such a great event. I hope to get the opportunity to return.

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