So which of these do you believe?

There are plenty of sites out there to test your Internet connection speed. Problem is that they never seem to give consistent results. So here’s a few of the most popular sites and the results they provided for me.




My actual router


So it would seem that Speedtest is probably the closest to the “true” speed. For a final indication of what is the best option I use the power of the Internet via ‘social book marking’. In simple terms, I have a look at how many other people have book marked these sites using Delicious.

The result? Clearly Speedtest comes out a winner by a margin of more than three to one. Probably the reason for this is the ability to easily compare your results with others in your region like so:

So the tip is that not everything is as it appears with technology but you can always use the ‘social’ power of the Internet as a another method to assist you making a decision. Smart operators understand this ‘new’ power of the Internet and are using to their advantage. Are you?

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