SharePoint search – revisited

In a recent post I was wondering about the reason for Microsoft saying there were limitations in SharePoint search if you installed SharePoint v3 after upgrading your SharePoint v2 instances to full SQL.


After referring the issue to our local SBS-MVP (Wayne Small), who referred it onto the SBS Dev team and after they tested it, it appears that, as I suspected, there really isn’t an issue.


“We ran through this scenario here in our test lab and had no issues with search. It worked fine. We will update the white paper once our writers complete the SBS2008 doc work.”


I am very grateful to Wayne for forwarding my request and to the SBS Dev team for responding so quickly as I feel it will clear up a lot of confusion in the whitepaper: – Installing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 on a Server Running Windows Small Business Server 2003.


So, in summary, Sharepoint v2 and v3 search does work on the same box even if you have upgraded your instance to full SQL.

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