More SBS 2008 videos

No, these are not from me but from a business called NetoMeter (which I came across while reading the Small Business Tech Ramblings blog). The videos cover quite a range of SBS 2008 topics which should help with many common topics, including adding SSL certificates and doing bare metal restores.


Having done my own videos on similar topics I am interested to understand the business motivation behind creating such videos. They would appear to be aimed at driving business towards the remote support options provided by NeoMeter. I think this a very innovative business model and indicates to me that SBS 2008 support is really going to be able to be provided almost anywhere in the world.


If you are a reseller don’t be fooled into thinking that business owners are going to keep coming to you for support or to set up their systems. Using resources like these videos they will probably buy some bundle at the local PC supermarket, get their systems operational (that being quite easy to do with SBS 2008 now), then when they need assistance where are they going to turn first? I’ll put my money on NetoMeter first and someone in the yellow pages second.


It’s a competitive world out there and the skills required to install SBS 2008 have dropped in my opinion, not increased. This means life as an SBS reseller has gotten harder, not easier. Unless you have some angle or “special sauce” as I spoke about in a recent post you are going to be the poorer for it.

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