Giving prospects every reason to choose you

We all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover BUT you are a fool if you don’t understand that people, especially business customers, DO judge a book by its cover. They say that when you meet someone, the first impression you form of them generally is one that stays with you, rightly or wrongly. So it is CRITICAL that when a prospect come’s a knock’n you give them every reason to engage your services.


A good example is something as simple as how you answer incoming calls. How many times have you rung some business you deal with to be greeted by someone at the other end who doesn’t care, is having a bad day and so on? How about when you call a business and all you get is “hello”? Look, as trivial as it sounds, things like this are REALLY, REALLY important because they leave a lasting impression on people and in most cases you only get ONE chance with a potential prospect. If they feel uncomfortable about your business, chances are they’ll move elsewhere. Don’t believe me? Think about how you go looking for new products and services (as opposed to those you have been referred to). If you went through your local Yellow Pages, whom are you most likely to do business with? What process would you use to determine who’ll get you business? It would be nice to conduct a methodical selection process to reduce the risks but in this day and age? C’mon, who has the time for that? End result? Your choice is going to governed by your emotions. Whom do FEEL most comfortable with?


In this increasingly competitive world you need to be looking at every possible way you can to give prospects reasons to engage your business. Take the time to stop, look and learn from good businesses you use and respect. What makes them good? What can you copy and adapt? It really isn’t that hard, all you have to do is STOP, OBSERVE and THINK.


Like any relationship, a good first impression makes all the difference between you getting the nod or getting the flick. Smart people do everything in their power to ensure they have the most chance of getting the nod. What are you doing?

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