The weather starting getting rough…

The tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of the fearless crew, virtual SBS would be lost.


So, continuing on with what appears to be my never ending quest to get a virtual SBS 2008 machine working I had finally gotten a 64 bit guest environment working via Windows Server 2008 64 bit and Hyper-V. Phew. During the last episode I had just started installing SBS 2008.


Everything was looking good until the installation tells me I don’t have a network card. I check the Windows configuration manager and I do have a network card but the driver won’t start. Now if I had read John’s comment to my previous post I would have been aware that I needed to set up the virtual machine for SBS with a legacy network card. Unfortunately I didn’t do that, I did however find a work around. I mounted the virtual machine additions CD image, updated all the other missing drivers from that CD image, deleted and re-installed the network card from device manager and got it working. I’ll have to remember that legacy card option for the next virtual SBS 2008 server I run up. Thanks for the heads up John.


Finally after many trials and tribulations I have SBS 2008 standard installed. Here’s a few initial observations:


1. During the installation there aren’t a lot of options. Most of the configuration seems to come after you get SBS running. In that way you just have to let SBS 2008 install the default way. Now it is my understanding that you can provide an answer file to change these default options but it certainly seems “dumbed down”.


2. The connect to the Internet wizard is much more router and DHCP aware which is a good thing. The connection to the Internet is now simply connecting to the Internet. Email and remote access is in a different wizard.


3. The layout of the SBS console if very different but so far I like it. It is well organized and pretty logical I think. It is going to remove a lot of confusion for “non-IT” types. It is also interesting that it is moving further and further away from the technical to simply point and click. Again, “dumbing down” in my books.


I still have a lot more to play with, especially when it comes to Sharepoint on SBS 2008 and I’ll be posting my findings and thoughts in upcoming entries. Now that I have SBS 2008 running what can I do with it? I wonder ….

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