The Great Game

Did anyone else out there ever play Spycraft: The Great Game? I did, probably 10 years or so ago now but I still remember not eating or sleeping until I finished it! Now. I have played plenty of fantastic computer games over the years but Spycraft must rank as in top three.


So what is Spycraft about? Well you can look it up on Wikipedia but basically you are a CIA operative having to solve a case that leads you through a maze of twists and turns, requires complex solutions and choices. Best part is the outcomes change depending on what decisions you make. Thus, you can play the game over and end up with a different result. Even better the game plays like a movie because it is extensively filled with video interaction which back then was truly amazing. Don’t be fooled, this was a quality production that included many top listed actors of the age.


Anyway, I could drone on and on about how great this game is but I will refrain. After playing the game, I lent it to a friend who also loved it but promptly lost it after playing (isn’t that always the way?). That was until recently when it turned up during a clean up. Now, as everyone knows the world has moved on and we have Windows XP as the standard PC platform these days. Guess what? Spycraft won’t run on XP. DAMM. Since my friend couldn’t get it running they returned it to me.


Now I am not that easily defeated. So I tried it on my XP machine and sure enough, no go. The problem has something to do with the video drivers. Back then Spycraft needed a pretty flash graphics card so it could do the videos and perhaps that ability has been removed now in XP. Who knows? Bottom line is it won’t run. I checked the Internet and had my worst fears realized, Spycraft and XP = no go.


Hmmm…I wonder. The games was designed for Windows 98/95 so my next idea was to use Windows 98 in a Microsoft Virtual PC. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a Windows 98 Microsoft Virtual PC at the ready. I wonder if it run in Windows 2000 Professional which I did have at the ready? Guess what? It does!


So the solution is to download Microsoft Virtual PC , which is free, install that on your XP machine, then install Windows 2000 Professional into Microsoft Virtual PC, which you didn’t hear from me, doesn’t need activation but hey you are only evaluating it right? Next, install Spycraft. Sure you get a few warnings during the install and one when the game runs but from what I’ve seen so far everything WORKS! Magic. If you need help with Virtual PC see my Youtube clip on Microsoft Virtual PC.


Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend? Reliving my Windows 98 gaming days. They just don’t make ’em like this any more.

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