I learn something everyday

I have been doing a lot of document creation lately for my Windows Sharepoint Services Operations Guide. This has involved lots of screen shots, which I have simply done via the Print Scrn button and then pasting into a Word document. Problem with that strategy is that it creates REALLY BIG documents since the graphics are so large. One solution is to paste the images into a picture editing tool first, compress them and then copy then into Word again.


Surely there must be a simpler way I’ve been thinking and guess what there is! In the Office document you are working on simply right mouse click on any image to get the following menu:




Select Format Picture and you should see:




See that Compress button in the lower left of the window? Press that to reveal:




You can then set the options for what style of output you desire (i.e. web/screen or print for example). However up the top you’ll see the option to Apply this to All pictures in the document. Amazing!


The Office document compression tool does a pretty good job as well and works well on those pictures you have simply copy and pasted from your digital camera. In one case a Powerpoint document I was working with went from 10MB to 1.5MB simply using the above compress feature. This feature is in both Office 2003 and 2007 but may have been there for longer. I am annoyed that it has taken this long for me to find this REALLY handy function, but at least I now know!


As I said, every day I learn something new.

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