Video 40 now available

Yes, I have uploaded a new video to YouTube. This one covers the basics of restoring emails into Exchange Server using the Exchange Recovery Group. It is fast becoming a case that the maximum 10 minutes that YouTube allows for videos is proving very restrictive. Many subjects I am now covering can’t really been given justice in 10 minutes and perhaps the only option is to start breaking them into multiple parts. You’ll notice a few editing cuts I had to make to get the production under the 10 minute limit. I know that other “more commercial” YouTube users have videos of > 10 minutes does anyone out there know how I can get access to this as well with significant additional cost? If so please let me know.

You’ll find the latest video directly on YouTube by clicking here, otherwise visit the Support Web Video library for the complete list of all the videos I have created.

I am also heartened by the fact that the numbers of subscribers to my videos is approaching 100 (98 and counting). I would have never thought that anyone would continue to be interested by the content I create but then the Internet is an amazing place isn’t it? To all those subscribers I just wish to again say thank you and to let you know that you are the main reason that I do keep dong these videos. As always if you want to see me cover a specific topic or technology please let me know so I can schedule it into the upcoming production (just a a good movie/tv producer would say eh?).


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