‘Twas the night before New Year

So did you miss me? Too bad, I’m back anyway! So what was the best thing that Santa brought me this year? Well, apart from the chocolate covered macadamia nuts (which by the way I suggest you don’t eat for breakfast, because you’ll regret it by morning tea), I think that Project Gotham Racing 4 is the stand out.

I’ve been a fan since PGR2 and really like the changes that they have made for PGR4. The real challenge now is the weather! It is certainly something different to be belting along doing almost 200K’s in dense fog. Man you gotta watch out for those sharp corners. I also really like the concept of a calendar for tournaments and having to complete a few events to win the tournament. So far, I think this is probably the best XBox 360 game that I have played. Can I also mention the new tracks in Macau and Quebec? Those hill climbs are cool.

The good thing about driving games are they usually plenty simply to control. I will admit here and now that I can’t really play those button mashing games very well. You know the kind – jump, spring, twist, shoot, dive, in one hundredth of a second etc after which the sequence usually ends in death anyway for me. Take Halo, for example, although not a major button mashing game there are still moments when you get surrounded and have no ammo and all you want to do is run away but I usually die before I find the right button sequence. At least with driving games I know that I’m going to hit the coming wall because I have been travelling too fast into the corner. Give me simply physics any day. Maybe that makes me old but I never said that I was any good at these games, I just said that I enjoyed playing them.

I also like the Xbox’s ability to connect simply and easily to the Internet to upload your player profile and download demos and additional content. I enjoy playing games on the PC but with an Xbox it just so much easier, put the CD in, power up and play! Hopefully when I get enough practice at PGR4 I might even try racing with other humans (shock horror) online.

Hopefully soon we’ll get back to some meaningful technical or business posts here but hey, New Year’s day is still a public holiday the last time I checked. That means I’ve still got a few more hours of PGR4 before I have to bundy back to reality. Till then – CD in, Power on and ….

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