My BS warning is flashing

Seems to me that everyone you talk to these days is flat out. Problem is guys, I just don’t believe you.
Ok, once in a while I can understand but every bloody time I talk to you? I doubt it. Geeze, if you are really that busy it tells me that you aren’t very good at managing your time and that you are probably wasting it doing stupid things your not supposed to be doing but you do them any way just so you say that you are busy and look important to others.
Someone once told me that they associate being ‘flat out‘ with being successful. Maybe, but to me if someone is always ‘flat out’ it tells me they are inefficient, they aren’t working on improving things they are just doing things the same old way. If you had any brains I’d think you would say, hey maybe I’m so busy because I shouldn’t be doing some stuff or maybe I need to find a way to do this stuff in less time. From there improvements spring forth – surely?
Now, after speaking with a few people about this issue I have confirmed that I am definately from a different planet because everyone thinks being ‘flat out’ is good. Hmmm…to me a person who is in control of what ever they are doing (but can go ‘flat out’ when required but not constantly) is far more successful.
But hey, as I said, I’m from a different planet!

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