Lacie ethernet storage problems

Recently been working the 2TB Lacie Ethernet Network storage device and encountered a few issues when attempting to backup or copy large files to the device.
The device came with V5.0 software installed and (typically) the solution is to upgrade to V6.0 software. We received this from Lacie support :

Version 6.0.0 of the system software has been released. It is based on Windows XPE SP2 and solves many issues. Please provide your shipping address (no PO Boxes) if you wish to try version 6.0.0. We can ship you a copy.


Alternatively you can download a copy from the LaCie public FTP site.


FTP server address:


File name: ED v6.0.0 ECS.iso


Please note that the 4 HDD must be zero’ed for the v6 restore to work.


However, interestingly when we looked closer at the CD’s included with the device they were V6.0 software. For some reason we received an unit with an old version of software.


So upgrade and things should be rosy.

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