Thanks for that

Just like to acknowledge David Mackie, a fellow SBS’er that I met a few years ago at TechEd who wrote some nice things about me in his blog. Click here for the full post.
It is nice at least once in a while to get SOME recognition for the contribution that is made to the “community”. Sure I know there are plenty of other who do a heap more than I do but… it is still nice.
I find it interesting that after having some of my YouTube SBS videos viewed over 17,000 times I have only ever received a handful of acknowledgements. I’ve done these as a free offering and although it would be nice to receive a donation, no matter how small. I will continue to create these videos for free, however I am becoming more circumspect about how often I do them.
The major issue I have is that I have been contacted by people seeking support on SBS who aren’t willing to provide anything in return – not even a thank you! Now, I am happy to help out where I can but after a recent reality check I have discovered that my help is being “abused”. People are just taking, taking, taking and stupid me was just giving, giving, giving. So now, the free contributions that I will continue to make are determined by the thanks and donations I receive in return. If I don’t get much then any new contributions will be few are far between.
Why? Well, once I thought about it rationally, why am I spending all this time and effort to create free content when I getting ZERO in return (not even much thanks)? I should perhaps be spending more time developing Saturn Alliance where I stand a far better chance of making money. Selfish? Not if I want to survive, I’m sorry.
So, for a change I am tickled pink at David’s kind words, unfortunately from what I have seen they are few and far between in this “community”.

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