XBOX 360 experience

Why couldn’t PC’s be as simple as XBOX 360? Aside from all the current hardware issues we have generally found XBOX a great computing platform. You simply plug it in, put in a CD and bamm your working. Next simply connect it up to your broadband router and bamm you’re on XBOX live. “Oh I see you need an update do you want me to download and install?” The nice XBOX 360 machines asks.”Certainly” , we say. A few minutes later we are back up and running. With a few button presses we can stream music from our PC to the Xbox and play it over proper speakers, rather than ratty PC ones. All in all a pretty good experience.

The only draw back so far has been the inability to play our favourite original XBOX console game Project Gotham Racing 2. Damm! We forked out for Project Gotham Racing 3 anyway but it would have been nice to get the old program running. Well guess what! It now appears you can. Simply download this update from Microsoft, burn it to CD, insert it your XBOX 360, boot and let the update do its magic and then you should be able to run Project Gotham 2 ( and a whole list of other games you’ll find here ). If you need instructions on how to install this update to your XBOX 360 look here.

Oh joy, of joys. Project Gotham Racing 2 here we come…burning….burning…

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