The circle of life

As I have conjectured about previously here, life is a constant balancing act where success is found via control. Clearly, life isn’t about being “up” all the time, there are “down” moments. It is so easy to stay within these “down” moments as a way of feeling sorry for yourself and seeking sympathy from others. If you, however, look at these situations you will probably find they are nothing more than selfishness.

Sometimes it is easier to stay in a low state claiming depression and a life full of woe but it is merely a stage. The speed at which you are able to move through this low state says alot about your character and self confidence. Dwelling in at the bottom of the cycle can be a selfish act for attention, pushing oneself out of these period is hard work, don’t get me wrong, but it needs to be done. In many cases you can’t progress to the next level until you have gone through a “cycle” but you don’t need top spend an equal amount of time at each level in my book.

In this day and age it is too easy to slip into a mindset that lays blame at the feet of everything external. A great book on this subject is “As a man thinketh” by James Allen. Like all great books it is only short but contains a wealth of information. One of my favourite saying from the books is that a man’s ( or woman’s ) mind is like a garden. If it isn’t look after weeds and rubbish will soon overrun it. A health state of mind takes hard work and constant dedication. Sure the occasional weed is going to appear, however continued hard work will ensure that the weed is removed and the garden continues to prosper. Much like that are we, too often mired in the depression and angst of this World to truely look around and thank our lucky stars that it certainly could be far worse that it probably is.

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