Believing you are better

Business is competitive. Running your own business is more competitive. The only way to survive is to believe in your core that you are better at what you do than anyone else in the World. Sure, that may sound arrogant but I strongly believe that you must have this deep seeded conviction or otherwise you just aren’t going to succeed when things get tough. I would think that people who start and run their own business are, by nature, more competitive than average. They like to win and that is what drives then to achieve.
Now, there is probably a pretty good chance that whatever business you choose to operate there will always be another business that is better. The difference here is that you believe that you can be better than your competition. There aren’t many people that start out in front of their competition and keep winning. Even gifted athletes and teams get beaten sometimes. The secret is the drive, the enthusiasm to keep going, to keep improving, striving to be better and beat the competition.
A smart competitor learns not only from their opposition but also from any aspect which could help them, could give that little advantage that could be all the difference between winning and losing. Part of having drive is the belief to keep striving towards you goals, even through set backs. Where does this drive come from? Personally, I believe you either have it or you don’t Whether you are born with it or whether you foster it through your growing years I still as yet haven’t decided but in my experience if you haven’t got it then you just aren’t going to cut it in your own business. Truth is you are better off working for a boss and focusing your energies in other areas. Harsh, maybe but this is what I generally find. You only hear about the successful athletes and teams, but what about all those who don’t or can’t make it? A belief that you can be better than you opposition is what drives achievers to achieve.
It maybe worthwhile to stop and determine whether you really believe, I mean deep down in your gut, that you can be better than anyone else at what you do. If you can’t honestly say this about what you are doing then maybe it is time to consider a chance to something where doubt will no longer hold you back.

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