Shadowprotect IP address not "sticking"

We have been using Shadowprotect of late to image server hard disks. Typically, before we do a major upgrade or service pack install we boot to the Serverprotect CDROM and image the contents of the disk to an external USB hard disk. Now this is great provided the machine supports USB2 (480MB/sec transfers) but really bad if it only has USB1 (11MB/sec transfers). So whatta you do if the machine only has USB1, which many “older” servers have.

You can typically do a transfer via the network card, since network cards in servers typically support 1,000MB (Gigabit). With Shadowprotect you can enable networking and make use of Windows networking to image to another machine. Problem is when we booted to the latest version of Shadowprotect the IP address we wanted wouldn’t seem to “stick”. Turns out there is a bug in the latest version of the networking. The way that you overcome this is simply to boot into the “legacy” environment (which is an option during the boot of the Shadowprotect CDROM). Once in the legacy environment you set an IP address, map a network drive and then backup/restore data at high transfer speeds.

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