Apply service packs manually

So we have been testing ISA Service pack 3 on our virtual machines without issue. Next stage was to load it onto our production machine. Normally, we recommend that any service pack be manually downloaded and installed rather than being applied from Windows Update. However, since we’d had such success at installing the service pack from Windows Update we thought, “What the hell?”

During the installation via Windows Update we got the following nasty error :

Error 0xc004038b

The Microsoft server storage service is unavailable

What the? Ok, now the firewall service is stopped and won’t restart. Hmmm…ok reboot. When the system reboots we get a failure to find a boot device. Ok, so now this is looking really bad.

Well, it turns out the CDROM was faulty and being the first boot device it was working just enough to allow the system to think that it could boot to it but failing enough to prevent it booting. So after replacing the CDROM we could boot to the server console screen again – Phew. Problem was the Firewall service still wouldn’t start. So we had to download ISA 2004 Service Pack 3 via another machine and then apply it to the server.

One more reboot later and everything is back the way it should be functioning happily. Lessons learnt :

– Only apply service packs for applications after downloading them manually

– A faulty CDROM can cause your system not to boot.

Now we just waiting on patch Tuesday from Microsoft. There should be a few updates tomorrow for us to install – again.

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