Know thyself

Last time I spoke about discipline but I also mentioned that everyone’s level of discipline is different. Why ? Simply because everyone is a unique individual ( thank goodness ). So if you want to improve your discipline the first step that you probably need to accomplish to learn about yourself. A more apt term is probably to listen to yourself or face the reality of being you. Why do I say that ? Well most people today seem to be trying to lead not only their own lives but someone else’s as well. They are so busy trying to be like this person, or be like that person, that they forget to be themselves.

The first step on any path of self improvement is knowing where you are and more importantly who you are. The first big reality check you need to make most likely is to come to terms with the fact that you are good at some stuff and bad at other stuff. Champions in any field don’t practice the stuff they are good at they work on the stuff they are bad at. Here in lies the challenge. As human beings we naturally don’t like doing stuff we stink at, but hey as I said before if it this was easy then everyone would be doing it. The key to attaining disclipine is to determine what needs work and then keep working at it. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised that sooner than you think it’ll turn out to be easier that you expected. I can also promise you that the more you work at it the easier it will become.

However, keep in mind that you need to be yoruself. For example, if you want to lose weight and you are not a morning person then it doesn’t make much sense to get up at the crack of dawn and attempt to run a marathon. If you know yourself, you will realise that this course of action is going to make it much more difficult than say going for a brisk walk after dinner each night. The secret to attaining what you want is to keep at it and you have a much better chance at achieving this if you give yourself every chance and don’t swim against the current.

Here’s another test I want you to take. Try brushing your teeth with your unnatural hand. A real challenge eh ? Why ? Aren’t your hands basically the same ? Aren’t they connected to the same brain ? When your brain tells your limbs to do something why doesn’t it do it ? See how poor your unnatural hand has become because you fail to use it regularly ? How many other natural assets do you have that you aren’t using to their fullest potential ? Why go looking for something else when by improving the quality of yourself you can gain much greater returns. Why start looking for solutions beyond yourself when you still don’t “know” yourself ?

Wanna know the best bit about “knowing” yourself ? It doesn’t cost you a cent. So spend sometime getting the know the person that you have been ignoring all this time. Starting working with yourself instead of against yourself. If you are both moving in the same direction then there is nothing that you can’t achieve.

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