Upcoming Ingram Bootcamps

Ingram Micro Cloud Elevate Bootcamp

I’m presenting at the next round of Cloud Elevate Bootcamps from Ingram Micro. You can register for upcoming sessions in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth here:


In these sessions I’ll be talking about Office 365 collaboration (particularly SharePoint and OneDrive for Business) as well as on Skype for Business and Skykick backups. There will also be a session on Dropbox.

Love to see you come along, participate, ask questions and most importantly learn more about Office 365!

I hope to see you at an upcoming event.

Innovations Days event in Sydney–Register now

I’m speaking at an upcoming event in Sydney. My topic will be on Azure Rights management. This includes the free version that comes with office 365 E3 or better as well as the stand alone Azure Rights Management product.

The event is Saturday the 17th of September 2016 from 8.30am at the NSI Tafe NSW, St Leonards Campus, Sydney. You can register now at:


Here are all the details about the day. I hope to see you there.


Join us at Innovation Days

Join Australian Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) and Industry Experts for a one day of accelerated learning about innovative technologies. Expert Speakers will present based on their real world experience in short action packed sessions.
Major Topics Includes:

Cloud and Datacenter Management
Topics covered include Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud and the future of applications, integrating Cloud into your IT strategy/the challenges of the journey to the cloud, managing scalable applications to managing customer relationships through social platforms; Linux and Windows OS migration to public Cloud.
Data Analytics and Integration
The world is moving faster than ever before, with more devices, more connections, more networks and new data. More than ever, to stay competitive, your business needs to move fast to process the large volumes of dynamically changing data. Learn how to be at the market frontier with enterprise analytics and unlock the power of your data in the cloud. 
Enterprise identity management has been primarily focused on access to employees and contractors. But as the industry has been perfecting how to serve employees, consumer identity has presented itself as a growth opportunity for businesses and identity professionals alike. Topics covered: Identity Management, Device Management and Identity as a Service.


Session Details

Date: Saturday, 17th September
Time: 08:30am to 05:30pm
Venue: NSI Tafe NSW – St Leonards Campus, Sydney, Australia
The day session will include: 16+ sessions, solution roadmaps, direct access to industry experts, networking and more.


Proudly Supported by:


Are you going to Office 365 Nation?


Harry Brelsford has been running SMB reseller events for many years now. He continues this tradition with the Office 365 Nation event in Seattle from October 2 – 4, 2015 and you can get more details and register at:


I have been lucky enough to again be selected to speak at the event this year. If you missed it, I also presented last year and here’s my summary of the whole event:

Review of office 365 Nation 2014

This year I’ll be presenting on a broad range of topics including:

– Office 365 Identity

– Yammer

– Office 365 Security and compliance

– Azure and Office 365 exam cram topics

– Office 365 for MAC

to name but a few. Chances are that I’ll also be doing a few impromptu sessions like I did last year.

But you know what the best thing about this event is? The networking. Catching up with peers and sharing experiences, gaining understanding and building relationships is something you can’t do as effectively in emails, social media or in forums.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon and if you aren’t registered then hop to it as I’m sure places are limited. Tell Harry I sent you.

Office 365 Saturday–Sydney

O365 Saturday Australia

I have been lucky enough to be selected to speak at the Office 365 Saturday event in Sydney this weekend, the 13th June. My session is on the ‘Business of Yammer’ but I am also looking forward to a full day of Office 365 topics presented by some very knowledgeable people in the SharePoint and Office 365 space.

One of the sessions I am really keen to see is the one on PowerBI. So if you are interesting in attending you can register at:


O365 Saturday Sydney kicks off registrations at 8:30am on 13th June at Cliftons – 13/60 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW, 2000.

The whole day is free and great opportunity to do some networking and get those burning Office 365 questions answered. If you are planning on attending let me know and we can perhaps catch up.

I hope to see you there.

Karl’s on line conference


We are less than a month away from Karl Palachuk’s online conference at which I have been lucky enough to be given a speaking opportunity. You can find out more about the conference and sign up at:


My presentation topic is:

You Need a New Business Model for Success in the Cloud

and I’ll warn you that I’m going to rather brutal in what I present here. My focus is on looking forward not back and looking for a business model that will be sustainable now and into the foreseeable future.

That, no doubt, will challenge a lot of conventional thinking but I really believe that is what is called for in the SMB technology reseller space these days. The game has changed which brings both threats and opportunities and understanding both is key.

If you want to get both barrels from my no holds bared presentation as well as some great insight for a score of other really smart and talented presenters then sign up for Karl’s conference today.

Free Cloud Q and A tomorrow


I’m back on deck for our free monthly public Cloud Business Blueprint webinar, tomorrow Thursday the 23rd of April 2015 at 12.30pm Sydney time. We run this regularly to give people an update of everything that is happening in the cloud as well as the ability to ask any question. You can still sign up for the webinar here:


We also do plenty of demos and have some great input from attendees so the webinar provides a huge amount of value by giving you a summary of all the latest changes in the cloud plus demonstrations and tutorials.

We also record these webinars for the Cloud Business Blueprint community so they can be view on demand. There you’ll find all the previous webinars plus on demand training, forums, white papers, templates, best practices and more. So if you are an IT reseller focused on providing cloud solutions you should join us.

If you can’t make this month’s event, don’t worry, there will one next month and you can sign up at the same place:


I hope to see you there.

The Business of Yammer

A little while back I spoke at the Sydney Office 365 users group about the business benefits of a tool like Yammer. This post provides a summary of the major points of that presentation as well as making the slides available for download from:


This first video should highlight why email is not a collaboration tool. Email is best used for private one to one interactions, not one to many that could public. The main difference here is simply visibility, it is a lot easier for people to work together when they can all see the information in one place.

If you have a think about how you communication to day, at work or at home. Then stop and think about how your kids or the younger generation communicate. Chances are your kids are not big users of email or the phone but prefer Facebook and SMSing. Now look at your business, it is going to be composed of a range of individuals who prefer and use different methods of communication. Has your business every given you guidance on what forms should be used for what? Unlikely. Without guidance people use the communication methods and medium they are most comfortable with, not those that their recipients are most comfortable with or the ones that make most sense for collaboration.

Ask yourself if you really understand what social networking is. Ask yourself what you use personally and what your business uses. Chances are that you doing use social networking in either context. Chances are you only see it as something that proliferates pictures of cats that look like Hitler.

Another important point to remember in discussions about social networks is that it no longer limited to people. With the dawning of the age of the Internet of Things there will be a growth of devices talking to each other and sharing information. So social networking is a critical components of our technological world as we move forward.


What I love about this picture I stole from someone is the fact that it is providing guidance on how they want their employees to communicate. The simple ability of having corporate information and conversations made public make it far easier to use the power of search to locate relevant data. Why is that important? Because information has value.

Too much time is spent inside organisations currently siloing information. The worst culprit for this is email and most employees would tell you they are overloaded with email to the point where it actually makes them less productive. Remember, your inbox is generally a priority set by someone else which does little but destroy your productivity.

Stop and think about the bulk of emails your receive everyday. Do they all need to be private? Could they in fact be posted in a common area? What happens to email when people leave an organisation? They may get archived somewhere but are they ever referred to? Doubtful but if that information was public and searchable then it would continue to provide value for everyone. Why? Because making information public means making it searchable and search is technology’s killer app.

So where do new employees go to find information now? Who do they go to when they need help? Many businesses today want to be more social but struggle to understand how to do this. Don’t forget that a business is more than just its employees. It includes customers, suppliers, partners and so on. Any concept of social should also extend here.

Although perhaps a bit saccharine, the above video provides an excellent business example of how social provides business benefit in solving a problem. It is also interesting to note that:

1. Most of the interactions take place outside the traditional office


2. Most of the interactions happen on mobile devices

So, when you think social you also need to think mobile.

So what is Yammer? It was launched in 2008 and sold to Microsoft in 2012 for $1.2 Billion. It is a cloud only solution (i.e. there is no Yammer server on premise you can install). There is a free version anyone with a business email address (i.e not @hotmail or @yahoo.com) can sign up for. The Yammer Enterprise version is free of all Office 365 Suites:



So basically Yammer is laid out like many other social networks. There is a newsfeed in the center of the page. On the left are the groups you belong. On the right you see information about recent activity, people to follow, files and so on. In the top right is the search field along with the more options menu (i.e. the three dots). In the bottom left is the network link that allows you to move between all the different networks you belong to.

The major take away from the above video that Yammer provides is the ability for anyone inside a company to be heard and contribute. Here you have someone working at the coalface with customers having direct input into the latest version of a product. That not only makes the product better but it also makes the employee feel much more involved and engaged with the business. All from simply being social.

Yammer is now part of Office 365 and can be purchased stand alone or part of all suites. It is also directly integrated with SharePoint Online to allow conversations around documents to take place (i.e. no more sending yucky attachments via email). It also provides behavioural information to things like Officegraph and Delve to help surface more relevant information based on usage patterns.

The above video highlights how Yammer provides opportunities to those inside a business. It flattens traditional corporate structures and provides reach and visibility across all areas. It also critically allows two normally disconnected parties to connect and interact.

So how can you get started with Yammer? Sign up for a free account at Yammer.com, complete your profile, join some relevant networks, introduce yourself (i.e. don;t be shy) and then start following people and topics. If you are looking to utilise Yammer via Office 365 the recommendation is to keep the free Yammer account separate from Enterprise Yammer.

if you plan to set up Yammer Enterprise with Office 365 remember you’ll need to have publically accessible website that matches the domain you are signing up for. The Enterprise version will give you more features and control. You can link it external Yammer networks (i.e. those outside your organisation) but there are some integration limits at this point in time that will disappear as Yammer becomes more and more integrated. Have a look at this previous blog post for information on Yammer via Office 365:


In summary, social is the way we are moving when it comes to communications. Look at how your kids communicate if you want an inkling of what the future holds. This requires a different approach from what most businesses have traditionally become comfortable with. Social allows collaboration across the length and breath of the organisation as well as up and down the entire structure. The integration of Yammer into Office 365 will continue to grow over time so there has now never been a better time to start implementing social within your business.

Successful businesses understand the benefits and power enterprise social networking provides. It is not a fad, it is something that is only now beginning to change the way humans and technology interact. No matter how big or how small and organisation is, tools like Yammer (which are now part of all Office 365 suites) provide the power to improve productivity and offer incentive to all employees but the only way to know is to start using it today. Be social, be mobile and work like a network.


Yammer moments – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTmugBKQkx4

Activating Yammer Enterprise for Existing Office 365 E subscriptions – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZGP8kqFLSE

Work like a network – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSktb_Hrdj8

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Shawna’s Yammer moment – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE2HquueJn8

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Add and Manage users on Yammer – https://about.yammer.com/success/activate/activation-guide/add-and-manage-users-on-yammer/