New IoT device with a servo motor


I had a recommendation to move to a different IoT device to make connection to Azure and programming easier going forward. The recommendations was to use a:

SparkFun Thing Plus – ESP32-S2 WROOM

So the first thing I needed to do was get the right board selection working with PlatformIO. The end result of this was the need to use this platformio.ini file in the project:

platform = espressif32
board = sparkfun_esp32s2_thing_plus
framework = arduino

and you can look at this for further reference:

Once I had the board being recognised and accepting uploads the next challenge was to execute some code. I went back to start and did the standard stuff I’d done with other devices like:

External flashing LED

but with the SparkFun Thing Plus – ESP32-S2 WROOM device instead. All of that is pretty straight forward on any device, so I won’t repeat the details here. What I though I’d cover off is something new on attaching a servo motor to the device.


The configuration is pretty simple as shown above. I used a:

SG92R Micro server motor

that basically has three connections – Power, Ground and Control as shown above.

I found some simple example code that I could use here:

Using Servo Motors with ESP32

I have also put all the code I’ve actually used for my ESP32-S2 device here:

I also needed to add the


library from Kevin Harrington to the project.

The code that I used to make the servo ‘sweep’ backwards and forwards is here for your reference:

and here’s what it looked like when it ran on the device:


With this new device under control, it’s time to move onto bigger projects.

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