My podcasts 2023


You can find the previous year’s selection here:

My podcasts 2022

I do spend a lot of time listening to podcasts, generally in between things, like travelling. However, there is a limit to how many you can consume in a week and that’s why I need to be very discerning about what I listen to.


These podcasts are ones that I generally won’t miss an episode of.

Windows Weekly

The latest Microsoft news with some fun and entertainment along the way. Paul Thurrott’s musing make this podcast alone something worth listening to. I will however admit that since the departure of Mary Jo Foley the show isn’t as good as before. They have just added a new co-host in Richard Campbell but he is yet to really find his voice. Unfortunately, I’m find Windows Weekly to be much more ‘ranty’ than it used to be.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Some really great advice, business insights and strategy. Also lots of life lessons that I have found work really well for me. A weekly must listen for me. Some, I do skip through and some can be quite tough to get through because they are so long, but a worthwhile investment of my time.

Hardcore History

These tend to be quite long, like reading a book, but a very good and very interesting. Luckily, they are not that frequent, so it can make a nice change from all the tech stuff. There hasn’t been much content here of late which is disappointing.

The Intrazone

All the latest news and information about SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Teams and more directly from Microsoft. Pretty short, which makes it easy to consume. Can try a bit hard to be ‘fun’ at times but good way to stay up to date with the Microsoft collaboration news.

Sync Up

A podcast focused on the Microsoft files experience around OneDrive from Microsoft. Hasn’t been very much content here at all.

Darknet Diaries

Really well produced cybersecurity focused podcast. Has a nice variety of topics and the content is good and well researched. If you enjoy the security side of IT you’ll love these episodes. Seems to me that Jack has run out of content for these for the time being. recent episode have deviated away from main theme in my opinion. The host, Jack, is now taking an extended break. So no episodes for a while. Let’s see what its like when episodes return.

Risky Business

I tend to only listen to the news and updates section, the sponsored content not so much. It has lots of good information across the general IT security landscape but also comes with a fair amount of unsolicited opinion and bias. Interesting but far too opinionated. These episodes are beginning to drag and not covering a whole of new or helpful material. On the watch list for maybe removal this year.

Once off podcasts

Think of these more of a book you’d read or a TV show you’d watch.

The Lazarus Heist

Another well produced podcast from the BBC that follows the trails of and attempt to steal and launder billions of dollars. Apparently, additional episodes are coming later this year. If you like Darknet Diaries, you’ll like this.

I churn through these mostly at 2x speed to allow me to get through as much content as possible. I do have a few other podcasts on my current podcasting app. I am always on the lookout for good podcasts business, technology, history, whatever. So if you can recommend something you like, I’m all ears. These days, if you have a topic of interested, you’ll find many podcasts you can listen to. Don’t be shy to try them and throw away ones that don’t suit you until you find what you like.

I’ve found that many podcasts have disappeared over the last year and I have been more judicious on what I spend my time listening to. It has to provide valuable information or be enjoyable to listen to and I have become much stricter on those criteria. I have a tried quite a few new podcast in the last year but none of them really stood up to my requirements.

Finally, of course, there is my own podcasting effort:

Need to Know podcast

which covers the Microsoft Cloud (typically Microsoft 365 and Azure) as well as business topics. I encourage you to have a listen and me know what you think. 2022 will be the twelfth year that it has been available.

Hopefully, there is something of interest to you in what I listen to. Feel free to let me know as well as any recommendations you may have, as I said, I’m all ears!

One thought on “My podcasts 2023

  1. Completely agree about Windows Weekly being less good without Mary Jo (and her gong). I really like Paul – particularly his sense of humour and the fact that he is a Microsoft fan without ever being sycophantic. But there’s a lot of content about the minutiae of the Windows OS now that I simply don’t care about!


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