Adafruit Huzzah Temperature senor


Last project was:

Input from button

Next up now is connecting the DHT20 temperature sensor to the Adafruit Huzzah. The idea is to read data from the sensor and display it via the serial output.

The wiring diagram is shown above and is pretty straight forward. The main thing is to get the pin functions for the sensor. All 4 pins needs to be connected. On the DHT20 pin 1 goes to the 3V output on Huzzah. Next, the DHT20 pin 2 goes to ground on the Huzzah.

The final 2 pins (SCL and SDA) are for serial communications. Thus, DHT20 pin 2 goes to the SCL connection on the Huzzah. Finally, pin 4 from the DHT20 goes to SDA on the Huzzah.

The code is also very straight forward and I found it here:

and my version is at:

To make this work you’ll also need to add the following the library:

Adafruit AHTX0

Once you combine all these elements you can compile the code and upload it to the Huzzah. Now, the Huzzah should produce a serial output that looks like:


which shows the temperature and humidity of the room.

A pretty simple one when it comes to capturing temperature and humidity.

The next challenge will be to getting data in and out of Azure.

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