MVP 2022-23


I am once again happy to report that I have been renewed as an MVP for 2022-23. This is now my 11th year as an MVP and I am honoured to have been recognised.

Many people are not aware that the MVP award is annual. It isn’t something you ‘apply’ for, it is given is recognition of the work you do from the community around a Microsoft product or service in the previous year. For me, that is Microsoft 365. Thus, to continue to be recognised as an MVP you need to make relevant community contributions annually.

As always, I take this opportunity to thank Microsoft for this award. I have made so many great contacts there that help me every day in all sorts of ways. I am truly grateful for their assistance. Of course I also thank other members of the MVP community who also help me everyday by providing information that I simply couldn’t find elsewhere. Their real world application and implementation of Microsoft technologies is amazing! Finally, there is community of people using and implementing Microsoft cloud technologies that continue to provide real world questions that challenge me to assist and find solutions for. For all these people I also say thanks because this is where the rubber hits the road.

Hopefully, as we move to a world that is more open, it will be possible to once again travel and catch up with all these marvellous people face to face and strengthen the bonds that we have and share yet more information that I can then provide to my community, again face to face I hope.

Again I say thanks for the recognition and being award as an MVP for another year and I’m ready to continue to share my learnings and knowledge with the community at large.

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