We shall remember them

It is time to pause and reflect on the sacrifices of others. Many of these, unfortunately, go unnoticed and unappreciated. The good thing is most sacrifices are not made with a desire of repayment, they are freely given.

Over 100 years ago our nation, along with many others, sacrificed the lives of millions of people in what is commonly referred to as the Great War. Yet, immediately after that sacrifice, a greater of lives were lost to the Spanish Flu.

The outcome of both events was the same for many. Death. This is also something that all of us have in our future. It is a certainty, yet we spend our whole lives avoiding the acknowledgement that our time is limited. For many, it came much sooner than they expected and in places they didn’t expect.

As we enter a world that is opening up after this generations’ pandemic, we should turn and examine the lessons of history. It wasn’t that long after the Great War and the Spanish Flu that the world was plunged yet again, into another global war that slaughtered yet more millions of people.

The moral is that appreciation for what we have is something worth contemplating. A great way to acknowledge this gift is to sacrifice for others. It is not the amount or value of the sacrifice that matters, it is the effort of that sacrifice that makes it worthwhile for both giver and receiver.

Today, we take a moment. In silence, and remember the many that provided the ultimate sacrifice for us to live with the benefits we experience today. As much as we need to thank those who gave to us, we must provide for those who are to come. We should look to build on what those before gave to us. That is the best way to demonstrate our gratitude.

The world and people in it are far from perfect, but if they have anything in common it is a sense of where they are right here, right now. That is not a result of their own designs. It is the  integration of their intention and the sacrifices of others.

To those that served us, and continue to serve us. Whether on the battlefield or in a hospital, directly or indirectly. Thanks. Your efforts have made a difference far beyond what you will ever appreciate.   

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