New Office 365 Safe Attachment options


I was updating my security scripts for Office 365 ATP and when I ran it I noticed an option not set, which I highlight in red in my scripts to draw attention to it.


I then went and took a look at the Safe Attachments options in my web console, as shown above. I didn’t see any differences there.


However, when I visited another tenant, as shown above, I do indeed see a new section as shown. You’ll note however that:

Only available with Microsoft 365 E5 or Microsoft 365 E5 Security license

Thus, if you have the required license there is now a Safe Documents feature that you can enable in the organisation. Once enabled it will:

“will upload user files to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MDATP) for scanning and verification”

You can read more here:

Safe Documents in Office 365 ATP


You won’t be able to enable it via PowerShell either, unless you have the appropriate license as shown above.

2 thoughts on “New Office 365 Safe Attachment options

  1. Great article thanks. I’ve just been reviewing my client’s tenant to see if they can enable this feature. The majority of their users have an Office 365 E5 license. I have tried enabling this feature however it is unavilable via powershell. Presumably the Office 365 E5 license is different to the Microsoft 365 E5 license?


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