Microsoft Online PowerShell Setup/Update scripts

One of the biggest challenges setting up a PowerShell environment for Microsoft Online is install ALL the different modules for each service into PowerShell. Thankfully, the latest version of PowerShell makes that really easy. All you need to do is:

1. Run your PowerShell environment as an administrator

2. Run install-module

for each service.

Now the challenge is finding all the module names, because unfortunately they are not consistent.

Thus, to make life easier I have uploaded a script to do this for you at my GitHub repository here:

This script will install the following modules for you:

1. Azure AD

2. Azure AD Rights Management

3. Microsoft Teams

4. SharePoint Online

5. Microsoft Online

6. Azure

Unfortunately, at this point in time, the Skype for Business module is a downloadable MSI install, not something we can do inside PowerShell easily.

Of course, once you have these installed, they’ll also need to be updated regularly as updated modules are released. I’ve taken care of that for you also with an module update script here:

So you only need to run the install script once to get the modules and then you just need to run the update script to ensure you have the latest version of the modules.

That should make using PowerShell with Microsoft Online easier.

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