Sharing a link doesn’t allow download?

Here’s something that I only just came across. I want to share a PowerPoint presentation from my OneDrive for Business.


I select the file then I select Copy link from menu. In this case I am happy to share anonymously so anyone can edit.

This process gives me a link which I sent to the recipient.


When that link is opened at the destination you can view the file in a browser but, as you see above, there appears to be no option to download the file?


Even if I go in and edit the file at the destination there is no download option?

I must be missing something here? How can I actually send a link to a third part from my OneDrive for Business and allow them to just download the file?


The only way I can see to get it to work is to share the parent folder which contains the file. Send the link for the parent folder offers the option to download like you can see above but this isn’t really ideal when all I want to do is share a single file.

Surely, I must be missing something here?

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