Digital Workplace Conference

Interested in learning about how to transform your business with the latest digital tools? if so, then there is no better place the the Digital Workplace Conference held in Sydney next week. I’ll certainly be going along to learn about the latest technology from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

I also have access to a special $100 discount code for the full 2 day event that you can use if you want to attend. Simply contact me ( and I’ll let you know all the details.

If you are going I hope we can catch up so please reach out and let me know when we can meet up.

Re-indexing a SharePoint Online Document Library

Ok, so let’s say that for some reason you have a document in a SharePoint Online Team Site that aren’t being shown in search. One option you can try is to re-index the Document Library. Here’s how.


Start by navigating to the Document Library you wish to re-index. Select the COG in the top right hand corner.


From the menu that appears, select Library Settings.


Under the first column, General Settings, select Advanced Settings.


Scroll down the page that appears until you locate the Reindex Document Library button and select it.


You should now see the above dialog window. Select the Reindex Document Library.

Your Document Library will now be reindexed completely during the next indexing process at the back end of SharePoint Online. This process may take 15 – 20 minutes to full complete so be patient.

After that time period has elapsed, see whether your information is now available in search.

Some suggested Office 365 Settings changes


I have just noticed there seems to be some additional settings in Office 365 for the user environment. If you select the COG in the top right of your Office 365 portal you will see the menu displayed above. What I didn’t previously remember was the Notifications and Language and time zone options that I now see.


You can now go into the Notifications area and disable those web based alerts, which I must admit I personally found detracted from my productivity when I was working in the browser.


At the bottom you’ll find an option to set your location and country formats.


Now that I have set this to Australia I’ll have to see whether it fixes a few places in Office 365 I’ve be struggling to change from the US date format (like in Planner). If it does, I’ll do a follow up article but for now, disabling is web based notifications is enough to calm my Chi.

Updating Communication sites subsites home pages


The new SharePoint Communication Sites are great and are going to be really helpful for people wanting to create a ‘cool intranet’ (you wouldn’t believe how many times I get asked this. So, what’s cool again? Is my response).


However, one of the current issues I came across when you want to create subsites from the root of a new Communication Site is that these subsites don’t have a similar look and feel by default. In fact they have the ‘classic’ appearance as you can see above.

That can be a bit jarring because you kind of expect everything from the root down to be all modern. However, swapping the default ‘classic’ homepage to a ‘modern’ page isn’t too hard. Here’s how to do it.


Once you have created the subsite from the root Communications Site locate the Pages option from the Quick Launch menu on the left of the new subsite and select it.


This will take you to the location where SharePoint keeps all the Site Pages. The current homepage for the site is the one called home.aspx.

Now select the New menu option at the the top of the page.


From the menu that appears select Site Page.


You’ll then be taken to a new ‘modern’ page that you can edit to make it display the way you want. Be default, the actual name of the page will be the name you use in the heading.

When you have completed working on the page Save and Publish it as you would normally.


You should be returned to the list of pages and you should now see a new one as shown above. In this case it is called finance.aspx.


Select the new file just created by placing a check mark to the left of the file name and then from the menu that appears across the top select the ellipse (three dots). From the menu that appears, select Make homepage. The same option is also available if you right mouse click on the file.


If you now navigate to the homepage of the subsite you should see the page you just created.

You have now successfully replaced the default ‘classic’ style homepage with ‘modern’ version that is more in keeping with the look and feel of Communications Sites.

Need to Know podcast–Episode 160

We are back with more Office 365 and Azure news as well updates on what both of us have been doing lately. Marc’s been giving people PowerShell training while I’ve been doing Azure presentations and workshops. That has however not prevented us collecting the most important news on the Microsoft Cloud and once again presenting to you with a dash of humour and sarcasm. Count the animal noises in this episode!

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Office 365 group expiry

Possible Findtime replacement

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OneDrive turns 10 beta

New Outlook add in for Microsoft Teams

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