Azure Active Directory version 2 PowerShell module

For a long time we have been using the msonline module in PowerShell to access Azure AD which provides Office 365 identity and security. This has now been superseded by the new:

Azure AD V2 PowerShell module

Also thanks to advances in PowerShell this module is even easier to install.


Just open the PowerShell application on your workstation (it is always recommended that you do this as an administrator). Then just type:

install-module –name azuread

and press enter.


You may be prompted about a Nuget provider as shown above. Select Yes to continue.


You should now see this being installed as shown above.


You may also be prompted about installing from an untrusted repository. Select Yes to all to continue.


You should now see the Azure AD module being downloaded.


When complete you’ll be returned to the command prompt.


You’ll still need to login to your tenant using the standard get-credential command. However now you use the following:


command to access Azure AD.


Once that is complete you can issue some of the new module command such as:


as shown above to work with your cloud AD.

This new Azure AD module will the option to use going forward to work with your identities PowerShell for Office 365 because the older version 1 msonline will be depreciated at some stage.

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