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This post is aimed at bringing the links to everything I have out there on the Internet together into a single place. Here we go.

About me

Social Media

Free Stuff

Regular technical and business information, tutorials, walk throughs, learnings, upcoming courses and more.

Here you’ll find plenty of video tutorials on SharePoint and Office 365

Documentation, presentations, SharePoint Guide and more are here for free download.


Documentation for SharePoint on premises, especially the free versions and those that came with SBS.


Whitepapers and superseded documentation lives here.


You can subscribe using iTunes or Stitcher.


After the course complete this morphs into my Office 365 newsletter.


Commercial stuff

This stuff helps pay for free stuff above so I appreciate your support for my paid work.

Access to the private CIAOPS community for technical support, product discounts and access to the best Office 365 and Azure information

Lots of courses on Office 365, PowerShell, Azure, SharePoint and the like.

Designed to help technology companies become cloud service providers

General Interest

This accounts sends a tweet to commemorate a significant dates from the Australian battles in France during World War 1.

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