Saturday, December 5, 2015

Enterprise Mobility Suite

I did a presentation recently on the Enterprise Mobility Suite for Microsoft and have uploaded the slides (Above) to my for you to download if you want. You’ll find the direct link at:

The main benefits I see of using the product is the fact that you get Azure AD Premium which means added features like password write back and more functionality in the Azure Single Sign On Portal amongst other things. There is plenty to commend EMS to customers but the first start for resellers is to understand the product.

Here are some additional links that I found relevant but didn’t include during my research:

Supported SaaS apps -

Deploying the Azure RMS connector -

Advanced Threat Analytics -

Advanced Threat Analytics Installation -

Although I did include this link to a presentation on Advanced Threat Analytics from Microsoft Ignite in May I’ll repeat it here because I think that anyone interested in what this product can do should take a look. It is also really cool technology as well, so even if you don’t you’d deploy I’d still encourage you to take a look.