Microsoft Devices Day Slides

I was lucky enough to be recently involved with the Microsoft Devices Day Roadshow around Australia, during which I presented on Office 365.

The first session was news around Office 365. That presentation is shown above and can be downloaded from my site directly at:

The second session I presented was all around building offerings beyond just simple email with Office 365.

You’ll find the slides from that session above as well as at:

This second session was more focused on white boarding solutions around Office 365 and that may not come across in the deck. However, there is other stuff in there that may benefit people so feel free to download it.

If you have any questions about these sessions, whether you attended or not, feel free to contact me as I’m happy to share with your directly more details on either of these.

I take this opportunity to thank Microsoft for the opportunity to present as well as everyone who attended.

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