Integrating Azure AD Features with Office 365 online course


Just uploaded another online course to my training academy. This one is:

Integrating Azure Active Directory features with Office 365

It will show you how to enable you Azure AD inside Office 365 and then use it to brand your tenant, create a web based single sign on apps portal as well as password reset portal. It also covers how to enable rights management in Office 365.

Each lesson in the course includes a training video, download notes and quiz style questions to test your knowledge.

I have also added this course in as a module to my larger

Getting Started with Office 365 Administration

course which now has 10 sections with over 50 video lessons, downloadable course notes and more!

If you don’t follow my social media feeds then you have probably missed that for November 2015 I’m offering the first 15 people who sign up to the Office 365 admin course a 25% discount. That is over $85 off the normal price but only for the first 15 and only for November, whichever comes first. Sign up today to take advantage of the discount before its gone.

Keep you eyes peeled for more courses and discount from the CIAOPS Online Academy.

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