A new intro to Delve

If you want to see why I think Delve is such an important component of Office 365 then you should read an earlier post:

Delve should be the center of your Office 365 universe

Microsoft has changed the way it educates users about when they visit Delve for the first time.


They will see the above splash screen, at which point they can continue straight to Delve or work through the introduction.


If they elect to learn more about Delve they will then see the above screen, which is the second part of the education process.


Then another.


Until finally they see the above screen. Typically from here users will then be taken to Delve.

All in all, a good bit of extra information around Delve to give users a better understanding of what it is and what it does.

The reality with Delve, like most of Office 365, is that it is speedily adding new features as this recent blog post outlines:

Office Delve adds Praise, Favorites and enhances content creation

I am already beginning to see Delve favourites option appearing my tenant:


and I really can’t wait for the praise feature to become available, as I think that is going to be a huge driver of adoption.

What truly amazes me is the number of people, resellers and customers, who don’t use Delve! Maybe they have looked it, can’t understand what it is, so they never return. Bad move. Delve is a way to really boost your productivity and be across all your company information quickly and easily. It is really the future of how people will access information in cloud services I believe. That is why it is so important to start looking and understanding it now, because it is going to become very pervasive.

As always, very excited to see all these updates coming to the service and seeing how they make things easier.

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