See me do my thing, virtually


I’ve got a number of sessions at the upcoming Office 365 conference in Seattle. Now they have opened the opportunity to attend one day of the conference virtually!

By attending virtually you’ll be able to watch a number of sessions on the opening day and you can view these on the event schedule:

On that day I’ll be presenting:

Riding the big data wave with Excel and Power BI

Big data is one of fastest growing IT segments thanks to the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, data along does not provide value alone. The value proposition comes by turning data into information using tools like Excel and Power BI. This session will show you how to quickly and easily use the advanced features of Excel such as Pivot Tables, Power Query, Power Maps and more. It will then show you how to pull data from various sources into Power BI and create interactive dashboards. It will highlight the business opportunity for data analysis and reporting that is now available from the tools provided in every Office 365 subscription. You’ll learn how to create unique IP around business intelligence that will mean more money in your pocket as the demand for data analysis grows in every segment of the market.


Office 365 Identity management/SSO

There is more to identity with Office 365 and Azure than just logging into a web page. There is also the ability to implemented synchronized and federated identity that integrates Office 365 with local on premises solutions like Active Directory to allow single sign on. Configuring these options is relatively straight forward once you understand the model and know what the right option is for you. This session will provide you with a deep dive into the Microsoft identity options and how to configure each one. It will cover products such as DIRSYNC, AD SYNC Services, AD Connect and even Yammer DIRSYNC!

I’m doing some more session over the other days but by attending virtually you’ll get access to the complete first (and major day) of the conference. You’ll not only be able to watch live but you’ll also be able to view a recording if the live session happens to be in the middle of night (as it will be for many in Australia).

So, if you wanna see me (and others) do our thing and talk about office 365 you should sign up to be a virtual attendee.

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