How Does “The Cloud” Affect the MSP Business?

A while ago I publish a blog post entitled:

Why I don’t like the term Trusted Advisor

It turns out that this post has generate some interesting debates on other forums. Someone who was involved in those discussions, Chip Reeves from Bigger MSP, has now put together a series of interviews with myself and other thought leaders in the SMB IT space.

To get the ball rolling on this project Chip has recorded a short video interview with me that you can view above. In it I reiterate how today IT resellers should be thinking like a Chief Information Officer (CIO) rather than an provider that merely sits on the side line waiting for stuff to happen.

I also highlight some points I made in a blog post back in 2012:

Valley of Discontent

in which I outlined my belief that the only two options available to SMB IT providers going forward was to get huge or get small and specialise.

I’ll post up the videos from the others than Chip interviews around this question but in the meantime, watch the interview, read my blog posts and let me know what you think. Am I on the right track or totally off base? I’d love to hear you opinions.

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