OneDrive Windows Phone App updated


Microsoft has updated the OneDrive app for Windows Phone now to include the ability to access both OneDrive and OneDrive for Business in a single place like they recently did with other platforms.

To configure this, firstly ensure you have the latest version of the OneDrive app from the Windows Store on your device. Then go to the list of apps and select OneDrive.


If the app has been updated you should see Add OneDrive for Business as an option at the bottom as shown above. Select this.


You’ll now be prompted to enter your Office 365 credentials and Sign in.


You should see the account being added to your OneDrive app.


When complete your OneDrive should appear in the list as shown above. Select Files (under this new item) to view your OneDrive for Business content.


You should now see all your OneDrive for Business files in the app,


just as you would see them in a browser.

Nice improvement that brings the Windows Phone app to par with apps on other platforms.

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