A couple of office 365 Yammer gotchas

I have been starting to come more up to speed with Yammer and Office 365 integration and found a few gotchas.

The first is, to integrate Yammer into Office 365 you need to have a public facing web site that matches the Yammer domain you are adding. Thus, is you want to use domain.com for your Yammer network then http://www.domain.com needs to be accessible, otherwise activation won’t complete.

I also found that the email you use to sign up can’t be admin@domain.com. For some reason Yammer doesn’t like the admin user?? So, I just created another user within that domain and used that to sign up and set up my Yammer domain.

At the moment the Office 365 and Yammer services are still pretty separate. Out of the box you have 2 non linked logins. You can do single sign on but that requires extra configuration.

However, as you can see by the above video the first of integration features is now rolling out. This allows Yammer conversations around documents. I haven’t as yet got it in my Office 365 tenant but as this blog post says:

Yammer bring conversations to your OneDrive and SharePoint Online files

It has now started rolling out, so look for it soon in your tenant. Don’t forget when configuring Yammer those couple of gotchas I mentioned previously.

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