Security for your mobile devices

The IT landscape today is filled with hackers, malicious software and disasters. Most businesses have these under control for traditional servers and desktops within their business and perhaps somewhat in their homes but when it comes to mobile devices many have adopted the ‘Macintosh fallacy’. That is, it won’t happen to me.
The bad news is that mobile devices are now more than ever the target of the bad guys and are more likely to sustain some sort of disaster (like falling into the toilet). My question is, what are YOU doing about it? Yes YOU.
The first app that I’d be looking at installing on your devices is Lookout.

It will protect your device from malware, scan every app that you download to ensure that it is safe as well as block malicious web sites. It will also backup your contacts, photos and other data allowing you to easily transfer it to a new device. Lookout even allows you to find your device and remotely wipe it if you need to.

Much like the Secunia desktop software, a version now available for Android devices allows you to ensure that all the apps on your device are up to date. This greatly reduces the chance of them being exploited as any desktop user knows.
Both of these are FREE so there is no excuse not to have them running on your device. Both also offer commercial products that provide greater amounts of control for businesses with lots of devices to manage so if you have a fleet of devices you need to manage you should also look at how these products can allow you to create your own BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy.
If you don’t protect your device then you have no one to blame if something goes wrong. Reduce the risk and use these two free apps. I do!

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