Review–Sonivo Universal Induction Easy Speaker

Full disclosure – the review unit was supplied by Mobilezap. You can find this device and others at the Mobilezap category page. Information about this specific unit can be found at:—black.htm

I must admit that I am a little puzzled by this product. Generally speaking I listen to audio from my phone via a headset. When I do occasionally listen to the phone speakers they are generally loud enough. This unit certainly does amplify the sound from the speakers but I am still puzzled as to why you would use one of these.
I will also admit that most of audio listening I partake in is podcast or audio books rather than music so perhaps I am not the target market for this device. The device is certainly easy to use and works right out of the box as described. You simply turn it on, place the phone on top and it amplifies the sound from the speakers.
Although the documentation with the device shows the phone lying flush with the device I found that I had to angle my Nokia Lumia off centre to get it to work best. If I didn’t do that then the volume was too low and you got a lot of background noise. Not a major issue but a little bit puzzling given all the other images I saw of a phone on the device.
I think this device would have a good home on your desk where you could easily place your mobile on top to amplify audio. It looks very modern and would easy suit most environments. The device charges easily via a USB cable and has a conveniently located on off switch.
What I would have liked to see perhaps is an actual volume adjustment on the device. Perhaps a volume wheel like you find on alarm clock as well as an on/off or mute button. This would be handy if you were listening to audio at your desk and you needed to silence it quickly to answer the phone.
All in all, a stylish piece of kit that wouldn’t be out of place on any desk. It is easy to use and does what it claims, however a few more additions would have made it a little bit more convenient in my opinion.

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