Thursday, August 15, 2013

SharePoint Online Storage FAQ

Which Office 365 plans include SharePoint Online?

- Small Business Suite (P1)

- Small Business Premium Suite (P2)

- Mid Sized Business Suite (M)

- Enterprise Plan 1 Suite (E1)

- Enterprise Plan 3 Suite (E3)

- Enterprise Plan 4 Suite (E4)

- SharePoint Online Plan 1

- SharePoint Online Plan 2

- Office Web Apps Plan 1

- Office Web Apps Plan 2

How much storage to I get with SharePoint Online?

Every plans that includes SharePoint Online comes with:

- 10 GB of Shared Storage

- Adds 500MB to Shared Storage per licensed user. e.g. 7 users adds 3.5 GB to the initial 10GB making 13.5GB of shared storage

- 7GB of private (via SkyDrive Pro) storage per licensed user. Thus, in the above with 7 users you would have a total of 13.5GB of shared storage and 49GB of private storage shared amongst users. 

Can I add additional pooled storage beyond the default that is provided?

Yes, all plans support the purchasing of additional pooled storage space. However, beware as of the date of this blog post (August 2013) this option is not available for P1, P2 or M plans although it should be available very soon.

There is currently no option to purchase additional private (SkyDrive Pro) space for any plan.

What is the maximum pooled storage capacity I can have including additional storage?

- Small Business Suite (P1) = 100GB

- Small Business Premium Suite (P2) = 100GB

- Mid Sized Business Suite (M) = 2,000GB

- Enterprise Plan 1 Suite (E1) = 25,000GB

- Enterprise Plan 3 Suite (E3) = 25,000GB

- Enterprise Plan 4 Suite (E4) = 25,000GB

- SharePoint Online Plan 1 = 25,000GB

- SharePoint Online Plan 2 = 25,000GB

- Office Web Apps Plan 1 = 25,000GB

- Office Web Apps Plan 2 = 25,000GB

How many site collections can I have in pooled storage?

- Small Business (P1) = 1 internal + 1 public

- Small Business Premium (P2) = 1 internal + 1 public

- Mid Sized Business (M) = 20 internal + 1 public

- Enterprise Plan 1 Suite (E1) = 3,000 internal + 1 public

- Enterprise Plan 3 Suite (E3) = 3,000 internal + 1 public

- Enterprise Plan 4 Suite (E4) = 3,000 internal + 1 public

- SharePoint Online Plan 1 = 3,000 internal + 1 public

- SharePoint Online Plan 2 = 3,000 internal + 1 public

- Office Web Apps Plan 1 = 3,000 internal + 1 public

- Office Web Apps Plan 2 = 3,000 internal + 1 public

Can I allocate user SkyDrive Pro space as pooled storage?

Basically no. Each user get 7GB of storage for their ‘personal’ use. This space cannot be reallocated elsewhere. However, it is certainly possible to change the default security settings on each users personal SkyDrive Pro and make the 7GB per use available to all users as a ‘de-facto’ addition to pooled storage. In that case, you could think of this configuration as another site collection added to the total available space. No the recommended method but certainly possible.

What is the maximum file size that I can upload?

All plans now say they support a maximum of 2GB per file. The previous limit was 250MB.

Interestingly, when I attempt to upload a file of > 250MB to my E3 tenant I get an error, however the specs certainly now say 2GB is the limit for individual files. I am sure this will change when tenants are upgraded over time.

How much space do I get with my public website?

With all plans by default you receive 5GB of space which can be increased to 100GB for your public SharePoint Online site.

Where can I find more information about SharePoint Online storage?

SharePoint Online: software boundaries and limit -