Lync Web Scheduler

Many Office 365 Lync users don’t realize that it is possible to schedule a Lync meeting directly from a web page. Here’s how you do it.

Navigate to:

Login with your Office 365 credentials


You’ll then be taken to the Create New Meeting tab. Complete the details (times, etc) of you meeting.


and the Save the details.


If you now select the My Meetings tab you should see a list of all your scheduled meetings. Select any of the meetings from the left hand side to view their details.

After you do this you can select a number of buttons on the right.


If you select the View Meeting Join Info you will see window like that shown above that provides the URL for the meeting that you can copy and paste and send to people.


If you then select Export as iCalendar you will be able to save a calendar invite with the meeting details as shown above. You can add this to your own calendar or forward it to others.

As you can see, Lync meetings can be directly scheduled and managed all via a web page. For more details on all the options that are available visit the following reference link:


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