Context decisions

I have come to realise something of late. Every time you are faced with a tough choice you are at your context boundary. Think of the world in which you inhabit as a glass container. When you reach one of the sides you are at the context limit of that container.
So too it is with your mental state. Let’s look at this in a business context, although it applies just as readily elsewhere. When you are faced with something that you ‘can’t do’, is ‘too hard’ or is ‘too difficult’ you should recognize that you are at your context boundary. This is a good thing because it means that you are now only a short distance from expanding your context and growing to the next level.
The problem is that pushing through this context boundary is much more difficult than actually getting to it. That’s why so many people simply give up or back off when it gets ‘too hard’. Those that end up being successful are able to push through this context boundary and expand to the next level.
The simple thing I have come to realize is that when you hear yourself say it is ‘too hard’ you firstly know that you have reached your context boundary. The second thing to realize is that to grow and expand your context all it takes is a little more effort to move through that barrier.
As simplistic as it sounds I have found a lot of strength understanding and acknowledging these two points. It has allowed me to step back and say ‘you know what? If I can go just a little bit more I’ll be through this and onto bigger things’. That has certainly provided the energy to actually push through the barriers and achieve what I want to achieve.
Simple stuff I know but in most cases that is what makes all the difference for success.

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