Typically Google

Before I launch into this tirade I will tell you that I use and like many of the Google products but this sort of experience is typical of what happens when issues do arise with Google services.

If you read “In the Plex” by Steven Levy you’ll learn that Google’s focus is on engineering better products rather than providing support. Their philosophy is that ‘”users help users”. That works most of the time but sometimes it would really handy to actually get through a real life human being rather than just a python script.

Case in point. I want to sell my eBooks via the Google Play store. so I visit the Google books partner login at:



This presents me with the following blank page:


If I click the Contact Us links I am greeted by:


So now where do I go? Only option seems to go “Googling” for an answer and I REALLY shouldn’t have to do that now SHOULD I?

If someone else out there know what I can do to get my eBooks listed on the Google Play store I’m ALL EARS!

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